7 Things to Keep on Your Motorcycle

Nobody wants to be in an accident, but it’s an unfortunate reality for a lot of riders each year. While you can’t plan for the where and when, you can make sure you’re prepared should you ever find yourself in an accident.

One of the most common mistakes people make in an accident is not having the necessary information on hand, as well as the means to document details about the accident. There’s a lot going on and emotions are running high, so expecting to remember everything is a recipe for disaster. Here are seven things all riders should have on their bikes, in the event of an accident:

  1. A basic first aid kit
  2. Vehicle registration
  3. Emergency contacts – Helpful tip: label these “*EMERGENCY CONTACT” in your phone. Using * will make it easy to find at the top of your contacts list.
  4. Health and motorcycle insurance cards
  5. Allergy and medical information
  6. The name and number of a trusted attorney
  7. A phone or camera to take pictures of the accident

Often a smartphone can help store most of this information, but in case it gets damaged in the accident, it doesn’t hurt to have all of this information on paper as a backup, as well a pen/pencil and paper to take notes.

Want to know more? Download our free Prepared Rider Kit, which has everything you and your family need to know about you and and your bike.