A photo of staff member Shannon Rights.

Shannon Rights

Shannon Rights is the North Carolina Coordinator for Tom McGrath’s Motorcycle Law Group. Shannon enjoys working events and meeting clients throughout North Carolina.

Shannon comes from a family of riders. She began riding on the tank when she was very young, transitioned to the backseat for many years. After her children were grown, she took the MSF course and obtained her endorsement. Currently, she has 2 motorcycles in the garage; a 1986 Honda CMX450 and a 2015 Harley Street 750.

Shannon is a member of HOG, CBA-ABATE of NC, AMCA, AMA and MRF. She is a certified MSAP instructor, AMA Certified Road Captain and certified in Accident Scene Management.

Shannon resides in Stokes County, NC with her husband Dexter. They have 5 children and 4 grandchildren who all share the love of motorcycles.

When Shannon is not working, she enjoys riding the backroads of NC, VA and TN with her husband visiting historical sites and out of the way gems.

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