Federal Bill of Interest to Motorcyclists

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation reports that the United States House of Representatives has passed a bill that would end a federal subsidy for biofuel blender pumps in rural areas. The measure passed by a vote of 251-166.  The Senate is expected to vote on the matter next week and there is little that those in support of the subsidies can do to reinstate the money. President Obama is expected to sign the legislation into law.

Putting an end to these subsidies will likely result in less biofuel blender pumps in the market place and therefore less E-15 fuel.  As most of you know, E-15 is gasoline that is blended with 15% ethanol.  Obviously that is a 50% increase in ethanol over the standard E-10 that most of us are used to seeing and using.  There are questions regarding how E-15 will affect engines, especially smaller ones.  The Motorcycle Industry Counsel claims that E-15 could affect engine durability and deterioration.  Further, if your motorcycle is damaged by E-15, you have no legal recourse.   Passage of this bill should be welcome news to all motorcycle riders.

Matt Danielson
McGrath & Danielson
Tom McGrath’s Motorcycle Law Group®