An insurance agent’s job is to sell you the best policy at the lowest rate.  However, your agent may not be thinking about what happens to you if you are injured by someone who bought very little insurance, or none at all.  No matter how much you may like your agent, after a claim is filed your agent is out of the picture.  Your claim is handled by an adjuster, and that person’s job is to save their company money.   

Attorneys analyze policies and claims after an accident

The attorneys at Motorcycle Law Group are experienced in reviewing and analyzing insurance policies when you need them most – after an accident involving a major claim. It’s our job to help ensure you get everything you’re entitled to under your insurance policy in the event of a major accident.

We invite you to submit your insurance policies for a free review from our legal team. We can tell you if you have the right coverages in the right amount so that you and your family are properly protected.  

Through our free policy review, our team can advise you on:

  • How to get the best coverage
  • How to organize multiple policies to your advantage
  • If you have enough, or even too much, of a specific coverage
  • Which coverages and limits you need to ensure you’re protected

We’ve helped many riders get much more coverage with relatively little change to their rates. The process is simple, free and takes no longer than one week.

What you need to get started and what to expect from us:

Step 1 – Upload a copy of your insurance policy’s declarations pages (typically the first three to four pages of your policy). These pages explain the types and amounts of coverage for every vehicle on your policy.

Step 2 – Someone from our firm review and recommend changes to the policy to give you more coverage to protect you or your family in the event of an accident or damages to your vehicle. After we email you our recommendations, we’ll ask if you have any questions or feedback.

Step 3 Email your feedback to Motorcycle Law Group, we’ll finalize the recommended changes and discuss them with you.

Step 4 – Take the changes directly to your insurance agent and ask them to update your policy.

Remember, your insurance agent is the salesperson. We want to help you get the coverage you’ll need so you’re protected if you find yourself dealing with an adjuster.


 Matt Danielson
McGrath, Danielson, Sorrell & Fuller
The Motorcycle Law Group