Happy Independence Day

We motorcyclists tend to have a special place in our hearts for the concept of freedom.  For many it is just a word, but for us it means something.  For many it is what drew them to motorcycling to begin with.  It is therefore fitting that, as we approach the 238th anniversary of our Country’s independence, we give thanks for the blessings of liberty which we Americans continue to enjoy, and which are an integral part of our social fabric.

On this Independence Day, we would like to say thank you to every military veteran (past and present) who has put on the uniform and stood guard at the wall to protect the freedoms that we hold dear.  Without them there would no longer be an Independence Day to celebrate.

We at the Motorcycle Law Group wish you and your family a very happy Independence Day.  Ride safe, and let freedom continue to ring.


Matt Danielson
McGrath & Danielson
Tom McGrath’s Motorcycle Law Group®