North Carolina is home to many astounding attractions, beautiful nature, and even gorgeous rides that every rider should try at least once in their life. Maggie Valley, NC, in particular, is home to a very special attraction — the Wheels Through Time museum. This museum is very well-known within the motorcycle circles. However, since the Wheels Through Time was featured on a TV show, knowledge about this museum has grown exponentially in recent times. Want to learn more about this fascinating museum? Read on to learn more!

A picture showing a motorcycle and the Wheels Through Time logo

What is the Wheel Through Time museum?

The Wheels Through Time museum, located in Maggie Valley, NC, is a museum that features collections of unique and rare American motorcycles, cars, and other items related to American automobiles. The museum shows off over 350 different kinds of bikes and automobiles consisting of makes such as Indian, Yale, Harley-Davidson, and more.

This museum also contains many different exhibits such as the Wall of Death, The Chopper Graveyard, American Racers, and American Restoration. There are even more exhibits that allow visitors to experience different generations of automobiles. It is almost as though you take a trip through time when you walk through all the various exhibits.


When did the Wheels Through Time museum start?

According to the Wheels Through Time website, the museum opened on July 4th, 2002. Since opening, the museum has drawn thousands upon thousands of visitors to see the motorcycles and automobiles that it houses. In addition to that, the museum has expanded its influence to a worldwide level thanks to the media attention it has drawn over time. 

Many people also wonder, “Who owns the Wheel Through Time museum?” The museum was founded and is owned by Dale Walksler. He also is the curator for the museum. On top of all that, he also creates instruction videos that help explain how to restore, fix, and build some rare motorcycles.


How much does the Wheels Through Time museum cost?

For what the museum offers, the admission price is actually very reasonable. For adults, those 15 years or older, a ticket is $15. For seniors, those 65 years or older, it is $12. Children between the ages of 6 and 14, it is $7. Kids 5 and under are free to enter! By the way, all of these prices already include the sales tax. 


When does the Wheels Through Time museum close for the season?

One thing to recognize about this museum is that it isn’t open year-round and thus closes for the season. The 2019 season closes on November 25th, 2019. Be sure to keep this in mind if you are planning a trip to visit the Wheels Through Time museum.


When does Wheels Through Time open?

The Wheels Through Time hours are fairly standard, except for two closures a week. The museum is open Thursday through Monday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the museum is closed

Be sure to plan to arrive at the museum an hour or two ahead of the closing time to ensure you have enough time to thoroughly take in the museum’s displays, exhibits, and atmosphere. 


Where is Wheels Through Time located?

The Wheels Through Time museum is located in Maggie Valley, NC. The full address can be found below. 

The full address is:

62 Vintage Lane
Maggie Valley, North Carolina 28751


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