Aaron Bailey

Aaron Bailey is a native of North Carolina and an experienced trial attorney who has practiced in courts throughout the state. Aaron has represented clients in over 100 North Carolina state and  federal courts and is highly familiar with North Carolina law and the North Carolina Court System. He brings both his eighteen years of experience as a successful North Carolina civil litigator, and his passion for motorcycles to the Motorcycle Law Group. As a board certified creditors’ right law specialist, Aaron brings a unique skill set to the Motorcycle Law Group; possessing the knowledge and ability to pursue compensation for motorcyclists who are injured by uninsured motorists.

When not representing riders in courts throughout North Carolina, Aaron tries to spend as much time as possible in the saddle of his motorcycle, regardless of the weather. Whether meeting with clients across the state, or speaking to motorcycle clubs and organizations, Aaron will arrive on two wheels whenever possible.

Aaron is a tireless advocate for motorcyclists both inside and outside the courtroom. He spends much of his time away from the office working to improve motorcycling in North Carolina and throughout the country. Aaron is a member of the Concerned Biker of Association/ABATE of North Carolina, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, and Christian Motorcyclists Association.