Jim Cannon

Jim CannonJim Cannon, while not an attorney, provides his expertise to our clients through his knowledge and experience as an Accident Reconstructionist, as well as through his in-depth knowledge of motorcycle mechanics. He knows bikes inside and out from his many years of building and racing them. Jim is a trained Motorcycle Accident Reconstructionist and has been recognized in courts throughout several states as an expert in all facets of motorcycling.  In addition to his duties on behalf of the firm’s clients, Jim serves as a lobbyist and works closely with many motorcycle rights organizations on both the state and federal level.

Jim is a Motorcycle Safety Instructor with the Virginia Rider Training Program. He has served on the Virginia Governors Motorcycle Advisory Council and is a recipient of the Virginia Governors Transportation Safety Award. He is a nationally certified motorcycle land speed record holder and served on the board of the East Coast Timing Association.

If you would like to contact Jim, you may do so via telephone at 1-800-321-8968 or by email at jim@motorcyclelawgroup.com.