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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Georgia

Many attorneys say they represent victims of motorcycle accidents. But ask them: Do they also ride? Every attorney at the Motorcycle Law Group does.

Our success rate for favorable settlements and jury outcomes in motorcycle crash injury cases is thanks to our knowledge of motorcycle physics, motorcycle and traffic laws, and an understanding of how bikes are operated with the hands, feet, and mind.

Most importantly, we have a passion for the motorcycling lifestyle and can effectively and sincerely communicate to the jury, judge, and insurance companies the reasons we ride and the laws that guide our community.

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

Our motorcycle crash lawyers work with accident reconstruction experts who specialize in motorcycle physics. We will piece together how the motorcycle wreck unfolded based on evidence, vehicle damage, and witness testimony.

Reconstruction is particularly critical for motorcycle cases in which downed riders are unable to speak for themselves after being taken away from the scene in an ambulance. In those motorcycle crash cases the less-injured car or truck drivers at the scene gets to set the narrative, regardless of fault.

Many of our clients are often cited with contributing to a motorcycle crash, but in many cases, we are able to prove otherwise: the rider is innocent, not at fault, and did everything in his or her power to avoid the accident.

The Difficulties of Disputed Fault in Motorcycle Accident Injury Cases

Unclear liability after a motorcycle crash has another unfortunate side effect for riders; the insurance company and their client are much more likely to take a case to trial.

In an ideal world you can avoid court by gathering evidence and negotiating with the insurance company using undisputed facts.

Facts aren’t the only things that matter in motorcycle injury cases, and insurance companies are less concerned with doing the right thing than they are minimizing the claim payments they make to injured riders.

Motorcycle Crash Lawyers That Understand How to Overcome Prejudices Against Riders

Insurance companies know that juries are, in most cases, unfavorably disposed towards motorcyclists due to unjustified biases against riders.

When it comes to changing the hearts and minds of a judge and jury, a regular personal injury or car accident lawyer may not be able to do it quite like a fellow motorcyclist. Our motorcycle lawyers know how to humanize you based on their own experiences.

“Words cannot express our gratitude and thankfulness for the Motorcycle Law Group and their AWESOME work to get us back to the lifestyle we love! From the first meeting at our home just days after my husband’s motorcycle accident (bus pulled out in front of him and left the scene) to now, he answered all our questions and guided us through this extremely stressful process.”

Chuck and Melissa McDaniel

“We used Chad to handle my brother’s motorcycle accident litigation and the best part was he is a real biker, not some bow tie lawyer tapping into the motorcycle market.”

Sean Boyce

“No Matter how the situation Matt is on your side and always there to help. He goes above and beyond any lawyer or person I have ever met and will even travel to your house to help if you are unavailable to meet him or are injured. Awesome team and a great working environment. Thank you for everything.”

Jake Hegler