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car accident in columbia south carolinaA pleasant drive can quickly—and unexpectedly—turn into hardship or tragedy. This is especially true in South Carolina, which ranks eighth among all states for traffic deaths per 100,000 residents.

Some other startling car accident statistics for South Carolina:

  • A collision every 4.4 minutes
  • An injury collision every 15.4 minutes
  • A fatal collision every 11.6 hours
  • $3.05 billion of lost productivity, property damage, and medical costs annually

Richland County ranks third in the state for total collisions, which results, in part, from its high population. Most car accidents in the Columbia occur during the evening rush hour.

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What to Do after an Auto Accident in South Carolina

Our TeamAfter an auto accident, your first concern is the health of yourself and those in the car with you.

But you may soon have questions about who’s responsible, who will cover the costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation, and how to pay bills if you’re unable to work.

While our name may be Motorcycle Law Group, we have years of experience helping victims of car accidents in Columbia, Cayce, and surrounding areas.

Contact our South Carolina car accident attorneys today to learn what to do next to get the justice you deserve.

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