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Safe, alert driving can help motorists avoid accidents, even those for which they wouldn’t be at fault. Still, some accidents are unavoidable and cause more damage than a dented fender or cracked window.

In 2015 in Newport News alone, more than 1,800 vehicle crashes—61% of all accidents—caused injuries.

Not surprisingly, the number of traffic accidents generally mirrors the population. Virginia Beach leads all cities, trailed by Richmond and Norfolk. Newport News comes in fourth. (Alcohol plays a disproportionate role in accidents in Virginia Beach.)

If staying safe on the road is the priority before an accident, managing the stress of injury, insurance, and absence from work can quickly follow.

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What to Do after Your Car Accident in Newport News

Our name may be Motorcycle Law Group, but our experience is far greater. Our expertise in motorcycle accidents has given us unparalleled depth of legal knowledge in all automotive accidents, and helped us win cases for clients dealing with a variety of roadway inciidents.

Our TeamWhen you can trust your attorney to work on your behalf, you get to focus on recovery.

That trust is a primary value we offer clients, and a reason so many choose our attorneys for auto accident injuries.

The first step is to contact one of our attorneys in Newport News. We will evaluate whether you have a legal claim and help you navigate each element of the process.

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