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  • We are The Firm that Rides┬« and we understand the challenges that motorcyclists face on a daily basis.
  • Our office is based in Savannah and offers service throughout the state.
  • We have decades of experience representing injured motorcyclists.

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Our Law Office in Georgia

personal injury lawyers in GeorgiaCall us to schedule an appointment our office in Savannah, Georgia.

* Phone is answered in Virginia, and case work is primarily performed in Virginia. The office is overseen by Matt Danielson.

Georgia Motorcycle Laws

Laws and statutes differ from state to state and are constantly evolving. As part of our service to motorcycle riders in Georgia, we maintain up-to-date, annotated versions of state motorcycle laws and statues for Georgia, as well as several other states where we practice.

Before you hit the road, find out everything you need to know from a trusted source, the motorcycle accident lawyers who are versed in these laws.

We are advocates for motorcyclists in Georgia

south carolina supreme court building

At the Motorcycle Law Group we work tirelessly to ensure that your right to ride is protected. We have experience taking multiple cases to court. As riders ourselves we are actively fighting on your behalf, as well as on the federal level through our participation through the Motorcycle Riders Foundation and actively engaged in their agenda.

If you believe your right to ride has been violated, contact us today and let us help you.