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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in South Carolina

Every rider understands the inherent risks of riding a motorcycle for transportation or as a hobby. There are added dangers when you aren’t encased in metal and surrounded by airbags, but that doesn’t mean your rights are any different from other drivers on the road.

Riders are owed the same duty of care as any driver. When someone else’s negligent actions – whether it’s drunk driving, speeding or distracted driving – lead to an injury, accident or the death of a motorcyclist, that negligent person should be held liable.

Proving fault isn’t always easy and claim negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company aren’t always as straightforward and honest as they should be.

When the average driver who doesn’t ride thinks of motorcyclists, they’re often remembering the ones who made the biggest (generally negative) impression on them. A lot of motorists unfairly assume the small percentage of reckless riders are representative of all riders. Unfortunately, a lot of those motorists could be in your case’s jury pool.

During negotiations insurance companies will think they can get away with offering you less because if you do go to court you will likely be dealing with a hostile jury.

Your choice of attorney will have a significant impact on whether that strategy could work. Attorneys experienced in motorcycle accident injury cases understand how to convert suspicious and skeptical jurors to your side of events.

Not every motorcycle injury case makes it to a jury trial, but it’s always good to work with a group of attorneys who prepare as if your case could head to court. The preparation and aggressive negotiations can result in more advantageous settlement offers during pre-trial negotiations.

It also shows the insurance company that they’re dealing with lawyers who really understand motorcycle injury cases.

There are undeniably some unique challenges that come along with representing motorcycle accident injury clients, and not every lawyer can speak knowledgably to these issues.

At the Motorcycle Law Group, all of our attorneys are riders. They know about the dangers you face on the road and they understand accident avoidance maneuvers because we are the Law Firm That Rides®.

Our attorneys also know how to talk to jurors and help them understand that riders, including you, aren’t a bunch of “reckless” outlaws trying to make the roads more dangerous – they’re just trying to get around South Carolina safely and affordably.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Surfside Beach represent riders injured in Garden City, Myrtle Beach, Conway and the entire state of South Carolina. If you are ever hurt in a motorcycle accident, or you’ve lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, our team is here for you.

Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Drivers Injured in Car and Truck Accidents

Fighting for the rights of people injured in motorcycle accidents has sharpened the abilities of our personal injury lawyers in a number of significant ways.

First, our lawyers are well acquainted with insurance company negotiation tactics, like trying to put the blame for an accident on the injured driver.

Second, we’re familiar with catastrophic injury cases, such as those involving severe spine or brain injuries. We know how to analyze medical evidence and work with medical experts. At the Motorcycle Law Group, your legal team will build a case that clearly demonstrates the extent of your accident injuries and what those injuries cost you both financially and emotionally.

No personal injury caused by a car, truck or motorcycle accident is easy to deal with. These types of personal tragedies can have far reaching, long-lasting impacts on people and families.

Our South Carolina personal injury attorneys know how financially difficult and emotionally draining these experiences can be, which is why we strive to offer the compassionate, stalwart and responsive service our clients need during these difficult times.


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