This firm is not in the business of collecting or storing personal information. However, we do offer the public opportunities to submit motorcycle and motor vehicle insurance information for review and advice. We provide promotional materials upon request and we often hold giveaway contests for which you can register. We also invite the public to join our email list for the purposes of receiving information regarding laws and legislative efforts that affect motorcyclists on both the state and federal level. In order to do all of the above we must collect personal information from those who wish to participate. However, despite past requests to do so, we do not sell the information that we collect, nor do we share it with anyone other than those necessary to fulfilling the purpose for which the information was provided.

Information we collect may include but is not limited to:

Information submitted to us such as a person’s name address, email address, phone number and insurance information.

What we do with this information:

We only use this information to provide the services, answers, analysis and opinions that have been requested from us.

Disclosure of information:

We do not disclose the information to the public, or any other business or governmental entity.

Retention of your information:

We retain your information for the time necessary to fulfill your request. If you are put on our email list you may unsubscribe with a simple click of a link that appears at the bottom of every email sent out on list. Clicking the “unsubscribe” link will automatically remove you from the email list, and prevent you from being put back on it without your explicit request.

Your trusts, partnership, support, and continuing friendship is more important to us than your data. For that reason we will always do our utmost to protect the information with which you have trusted us.