Everything you and your family need to know to make sure you – and your bike – are covered.

What should you do if you’re in an accident? Do you have enough insurance? What does your family need to know about you and your bike?

Not knowing answers to these questions could cost you if you’re ever in an accident. If you are located in Virginia or North Carolina, download our Prepared Rider Kit to help ensure you and your bike are covered before you’re in an accident.

The Prepared Rider Kit will help you:

  • Keep everything about you and your bike in one easy-to-share place
  • Know what you should – and shouldn’t – do following an accident
  • Determine how much your bike is worth
  • Make sure your bike and your gear is fully covered by your insurance

What Is Power of Attorney and Do You Need One?

Riders are vulnerable to serious, incapacitating injuries if they’re involved in an accident. They aren’t always able to make important decisions or capable of doing things they normally would be able to do (like deal with finances or insurance companies).

Power of attorney allows you to designate a family member or even close friend to make those decisions or do those things on your behalf. You can find a general power of attorney template in our Prepared Rider Kit.

Does Someone Have Your Important Insurance, Medical and Legal Information?

If you do end up in a situation where you can’t make decisions or do things for yourself, you may also be unable to provide relevant information to doctors, the insurance company or law enforcement.

Our Prepared Rider Kit also has a convenient form that you can fill out and put somewhere safe – or keep with a friend or relative – so they have your relevant bike, insurance and medical information just in case you get seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.

Find Out What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Injury Compensation

There are some hard truths about our legal and insurance system that can put injured riders in a deep financial hole if they’re not adequately informed and prepared. At the Motorcycle Law Group we want to make sure you understand those risks and know how to protect yourself from those potential pitfalls. You can find a list of 10 important things you should know about vehicle insurance and injury lawsuits in our Prepared Rider Kit.

Do You Know What to Do After an Accident?

There are some definite dos and don’ts at the scene of a motorcycle accident. How you handle the immediate aftermath of a crash could be the difference between getting the compensation you deserve or giving the insurance company a convenient excuse to deny your claim. Learn about evidence gathering at the scene and the things you shouldn’t say (especially to the police or the other driver) after a motorcycle accident.

How Much Is Your Bike Worth?

You probably know how much you paid for your bike, but do you know how to properly value it and all of your gear? What if you have a classic bike that you’ve painstakingly restored over countless hours? Do you think your current motorcycle insurance coverage is adequate to replace all of it after an accident?

Our Prepared Rider Kit helps you understand things like classic insurance (for classic motorcycles you’ve put time and money into restoring), gear coverage, GAP insurance, coverage for bike customizations and more.

*The Prepared Kit can only be sent to eligible riders in our practice area of Virginia and North Carolina.