Representing the interests of motorcyclists in Hampton Roads and across the Commonwealth

Beyond representing victims of motorcycle accidents, we also support the riding community through advocacy and volunteer efforts.

We lead the Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists (VCOM), a statewide advocacy group and political action committee committed to protecting rider rights through government affairs (lobbying) our state lawmakers and regulators. VCOM was founded in alongside Motorcycle Law Group in 1992 and is the only state-based alliance of bikers in Virginia dedicated to defending and promoting issues that are important to motorcycle riders – personal liberty, safety, freedom of expression, political recognition, and respect.

Over the years, among other successes, we have upheld the rights:

  • For motorcyclists to use communication devices on motorcycles
  • To park two motorcycles in a single metered parking space
  • To travel on toll roads or bridges without having to pay extra to pull a trailer or having a side car
  • To be warned about steel plates in the road by special signs and markings on the plates
  • To equal access to all roads and parking facilities where taxpayer money was or is used to build or maintain the road or facility
  • To use modulating headlights and flashing brake lights
  • To handicap plates for motorcycles
  • To treat a stop light as a stop sign after two cycles of red in opposing direction or two minutes

And that’s just the start. You can learn more about VCOM and our successes to uphold your rights on the organization’s website.

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