Advocating for the rights of motorcyclists across Virginia and Richmond

Beyond representing victims of motorcycle accidents, we also support the riding community through volunteer efforts.

Motorcycle Law Group leads the Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists (VCOM). Since the political action committee’s founding in 1992 by MLG founder Tom McGrath, VCOM remains the only state-based alliance of bikers in Virginia dedicated to defending and promoting all the issues that concern you as a motorcyclist on and off the road – personal liberty, safety, freedom of expression, political recognition, and respect.

  • When motorcyclists were originally prohibited from using High Occupancy Vehicle lanes in Northern Virginia, we fought to open them up. Now motorcycles are treated as high occupancy vehicles and may freely use the HOV lanes.
  • We have had many accomplishments in Virginia that make your life as a rider better: the ability to use communications devices, to park two bikes in a single metered parking space, to use modulating headlights and flashing brake lights, to steel-plate warnings, and much more.

We also support ABATE of Virginia, a motorcyclists’ rights organization dedicated to the continued preservation of freedom of the road for all motorcyclists in the Commonwealth.

Through both organizations, we have created laws that are fair to the motorcycling community and fought overly restrictive regulation. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation in the motorcycling community and earned credibility with the women and men who make the state’s motorcycle statutes and regulations. 

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